Listed here is our ever growing and ever expanding client list. This is an exhaustive list of all of the clients we have had the pleasure of working with since our inception






MPX Merchant Pro Express

mpxMerchantPro Express is powered by First Data to provide state of the art processing services and advanced point of sale equipment to the business communities we serve. Our merchant solutions are easily customizable for businesses of different sizes and needs. As a one-stop-shop merchant services provider, we have everything you need to accept all major credit cards and process payment transactions directly into your bank account.

SND Holdings, LLC

sndSND Holdings, LLC. is a holding company with several leading wellness and nutritional supplement consumer brands in the SND portfolio. These brands include Coffee Pure Cleanse, Max Detox and HCAMAX. Also in SND’s portfolio is an advertising agency and a credit card processing agent office. Our innovative sales model combines an expert management team with powerful direct response techniques, resulting in staggering growth. We manage this model with veteran operational managers and visionary team members in our Albuquerque office. SND Holdings’ brands are distributed throughout the USA and Canada.

Jiffy Software

jiffyJiffy is the world’s best iOS developer. With 2,008 apps successfully delivered to the app stores, a solid reputation, and the most impressive portfolio in the world; frankly the best mobile app developer.

CreateConvert Media Ltd

CreateconvertCreateConvert Media Ltd is now focused building a large scale “Rock, Paper, Scissor” game known as The game will be featured on Android, iPhone and Facebook The game already boasts over 100,000 fans on the Facebook with new fans added every hour. We are offering shares in the Company that pay dividends quarterly, essentially 25% of the Company’s gross profits are distributed amongst the shareholders accordingly. Shareholders are engaged in more of a revenue sharing structure rather than a traditional dividend structure.

Rim Construction

pacificrimDelivering Remote Site Infrastructure Solutions demands a broad resource access and an extremely responsive management structure; Pacific Rim Constructors – PRC – has both. We are globally capable and provide full-spectrum service for our clients in places where others cannot, or will not.

Fire CZ

fireGem-quality CZ stones rivaling the finest premium diamonds at a fraction of the cost. Fire Diamonds CZ are held to jewelers specifications for color, clarity, cut and carat weight!

Sammy’s Beach Bar and Grill

sammysSammy Hagar is a legendary musician who was inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in March 2001. Hagar became an entrepreneur, opening his famed Cabo Wabo Cantina located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and has since gone on to several more around the world.

Acomodar Investments

comodarJarvis Green from the New England Patriots Independently owns and operates, Acomodar Lodges. They offer your workforce a comfortable, enjoyable, and restful stay. Beautifully appointed rooms and countless amenities make Acomodar Lodges the most desired extended stay destinations for many companies and their employees.

Click 4 Time

click4timeClick4Time’s online booking and business management solution provides a very simple way to allow your clients to book appointments, and soon, tours, events and meeting rooms at their convenience.

Whistler Films

whistler“Whistler-Films” was initially conceived to create unique opportunities in film and TV production for Investors and studios to source and provide funding through creative, alternative investment models to the solutions and sources relied on during better economic conditions. Since that early beginning Whistler-Films has begun branching out to produce its own films and has some concepts under development for TV and is continuing its investment into the entertainment industry by branching into music

MagPower Systems

magpowerMagPower Systems Inc. is recognized as a world leader in metal air fuel cell technology. Bright new things are about to happen, sign up to be the first to hear the exciting news!

Smart Trak Technologies

smarttrakSmart Trak Technologies (STT), headquartered in Richmond, BC, is a development company founded for the sole purpose of creating security monitoring solutions from personal anti-loss systems for small businesses and individuals to industrial maritime container cargo shipments and tractor trailers.